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october 21 - 22, 2021

Revue-sical the Musical

All along we have toyed with the idea of planning a Revue of past shows and what better time than at the end of 10 shows. Led by Align Alumni, Mark Turpin, as the MC for this event we invited previous performers to join us. The show gave audience members a glimpse into the making of a musical performance, showing off set pieces and set décor and the elusive Easter Eggs we place into every show.

Mark Turpin - Host

Alina Fenrick

Amanda Russell

Angus Chiu

Ava Gil

Brennan Cuff

Bronte Gooselaw

Camryn MacDonald

Chris Adams

Daniel Curalli

Elyse Maloway

Ema Lake

Emily Matchette

Jenn Suratos

Jenna Lamb

Jim Stewart

Julia Ulrich

Julio Fuentes

Katie-Rose Connors

Owen CB Scott

Ranae Millier

Robin Sukorokoff

Rosemary Diab

Stef Stanley

Stuart Barkley

Trey Foreman

Will Hopkins

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