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february 5 - 20, 2016

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Music and Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Adapted for the Stage by Jeremy Sams

Licensed Script Adapted by Ray Roderick

Based on the MGM Motion Picture

Aaron Stewart

Alexa Graf

Angus Chiu

Avril Brigden

Bronwyn Wiliams

Broughan Janz

Connor Briggs

Courtney Shields

Duncan Vogt

Elizabeth Irving

Erin Matchette

Goga Rayat

Gracen Dickey

Harlow Wyld

Jaime MacLean

Jay McDougall

Jesse Alvarez

Jillian Perkins

Jim Stewart

Joanna Kovats

Joe Porter

Julia MacLean

Katie Purych

Kevin Michael Cripps

Makena Thomas

Marcia Yu

Mark Turpin

Nolan Fahey

Ranae Miller

Robin Sukorokoff

Ryan Nunez

Ryan Purdy

Sabrielle McCurdy-Foreman

Sophia Brigden

Stefanie Stanley

Steven Masson

Zachary Beardsley

Toy Maker / Ensemble

Assistant / Ensemble

Coggins / Inventor 5 / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble


Kids Ensemble

Ensemble / Inventor 6

Ensemble / Dance Captain

Jeremy Potts

Kids Ensemble / Jemima Understudy

Childcatcher / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble / Jeremy Understudy

Kids Ensemble

Ensemble / Truly Understudy

Jemima Potts

Sid / Ensemble / Inventor 3

Ensemble / Inventor 1 / Goran Understudy


Lord Scrumptous / Inventor 2 / Ensemble

Miss Phillips / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble


Caractacus Potts

Kids Ensemble



Kids Ensemble

Truly Scrumptous



Junkman / Inventor 4 / Ensemble

Turkey Farmer / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Violet / Ensemble / Baroness Understudy

Captain Schteve / Ensemble


Katie Purych and Mark Turpin as the Baroness and Baron_edited_edited.png
"Sure, everyone wants to see Chitty fly, and in other productions, the car may have been the reason to go, but in this production director Chad Matchette and his cast have also found the heart. In the end, it really is about family, imagination and love."

Mark Robbins for Vancouver Presents

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