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november 4 - 19, 2016

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Lyrics by Tim Rice

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Aaron Stewart

Angus Chiu

Anjali Panju

Anna Waack

Ava Gil

Ava Ireland Dickey

Beth Scott

Bronte Gooselaw

Bronwyn Williams

Cameron Sumter

Colton Fyfe

Dani-Rose Coates

Dimitrios A Stephanoy

Erin Matchette

Erwin Rosales

Goga Rayat

Hannah Holmgren

Holly Bradbury

Ilyssa Calinisan

Jenna Testani

Jesse Alvarez

Jillian Perkins

Joanna Kovats

Jodie Massey

Justin Lapena

Kat Palmer

Katherine Mezei

Katie-Rose Connors

Leah Newson

Lucinda Sim

Makena Thomas

Mark Turpin

Matthew Fedorowicz

Owen Scott

Robin Sukorokoff

Rosemary Diab

Ryan Koch

Ryan Nunez

Sherry Freeman

Stefanie Stanley-Dalton

Steven Masson

Stuart Barkley

Taylor McKee

Teilani Rasmussen

Tiffany Hunter

Trey Foreman

William Tippery

Zoe Fenster

Dan / Guard


Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Wife / Apache Dancer

Kids Ensemble


Wife / Ensemble


Mrs. Potiphar /Ensemble / Ishmalite / Narrator Understudy


Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Wife / Ensemble

Judah / Dance Captain

Wife / Ensemble / Assistant Dance Captain

Wife / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Pharaoh / Camel / Ensemble

Wife / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble


Wife / Ensemble / Voice of Camel

Wife / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble



Kids Ensemble

Jacob / Guard

Kids Ensemble

Potiphar / Guard / Ishmalite


Wife / Ensemble / Voice of Snake

Wife / Baker

Asher / Butcher


Kids Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Wife / Ensemble

Kids Ensemble

Benjamin / Joseph Understudy

Kids Ensemble

Joseph Preview-146_edited.jpg
"This production of Joseph is also a great vehicle for some very talented local musical-theatre artists, including a number of young up-and-comers who get to showcase their talents in a large-scale professional-level production. Their performances, along with the production qualities of this show, shine as bright as Joseph’s multicoloured coat."

Vince Kanasoot for The Georgia Straight

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