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february 6 - 21, 2015

The Addams Family

Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice

Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Aaron Stewart

Andrew Tait

Angus Chiu

Anthony Stonechild

Avery Alexander Johnson

Ben Bilodeau

Brad Case

Brennan Cuff

Catherine Landells

Devon Graham

Donna Walberg

Erin Matchette

Harlow Wyld

Grace NewsonJay McDougall

Katie Purych

Kayla Heyblom

Laura Cowan Beattie

Laura Geluch

Lisa Ricketts

Mark Kriese

Marquis Byrd

Matthew Fedorowicz

Megan Simpson

Nolan Fahey

Robin Sukorokoff

Ryan Purdy

Stefania Wheelhouse

Stefanie Stanley

Tamara Vishniakoff

Vanessa Coley-Donohue

Prisoner Ancestor

Soldier Ancestor

Gambler Ancestor / Mal Understudy

Viking Ancestor

Pugsley Addams

Lucas Bienke

Mal Bienke

Gomez Addams

First Nations Ancestor

Matador Ancestor

Grandma Addams

Alice Bienke

Flamenco Ancestor

Courtesan Ancestor

Pirate Ancestor

Egyptian Ancestor

Flapper Ancestor / Wednesday Understudy

Morticia Addams

Wednesday Addams

Puritan Ancestor / Grandma Understudy


Prince Ancestor / Lurch Understudy

Uncle Fester

Middle Eastern Ancestor

Cousin Itt / Pugsley Understudy

Caveman Ancestor

Conquistador Ancestor / Festor Understudy

Maid Ancestor

Flight Attendant Ancestor / Alice Understudy

Bride Ancestor

Saloon Girl Ancestor / Morticia Understudy / Dance Captain

"Stage of the art, so to speak.." Align Entertainment has "a line" straightly pointed at a stately stage of stage. We saw "The Addams Family Musical" on Saturday, and we were blown away. Now, we have seen many types of productions from community theatre to off-Broadway to Broadway. Plus, I taught theatre for seventeen years, so I am not that easily impressed. The acting depth, intensity of the supportive characters, singing prowess, directing ingenuity, kaleidoscope-like choreography, well crafted staging/costuming/makeup, clean, strong orchestral accompaniment, backstage precision/flows, and smoothly interwoven front of house all combined to make this community theatre production top notch -- at a very nice commendable price. We have already decided to align ourselves to seeing their next production
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Brian K.

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