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february 2 - 17, 2018

Legally Blonde

Book by Heather Hach

Music and Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe Nell Benjamin

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture

Ali Watson

Angus Chiu

Anthony Bitonti

Chris King

Colton Fyfe

Danica Kobayashi

Dani-Rose Coates

Debbie Kagy

Emily Matchette

Erin Matchette

Gina Foster

Harlow Wyld

Imelda Gaborno

Jenn Suratos

Jim Stewart

Julia Ulrich

Justin Lapena

Kate Malcic

Laura Cowan

Leah Newson

Mariela Shuley

Molly Spinola

Morgan Churla

Nicholas Bradbury

Ranae Miller

Robin Sukorokoff

Seamus O'Kelly

Stefanie Stanley

Stuart Barkley

Tiana Swan

Tiffany Hunter

Vanessa Merenda

Victor Hunter

Waleed Hakeem

Xavier Smith

Serena / Greek Chorus

Board Member Pforzenheimer / Prison Guard

Baliff / Ensemble


Kyle the UPS Guy / Aaron

Delta Nu / 2nd Perfume Girl

Delta Nu / Court Stenographer / Greek Chorus Swing

Delta Nu / DA Joyce / Elle Understudy

Pilar / Greek Chorus

Store Manager / Judge / Paulette Understudy / Laker Girl Receptionist

Delta Nu / Store Girl / Gaelen

Margot / Greek Chorus

Delta Nu / Enya Whale Vocals


Board Member Winthrop / TV Reporter

Elle Woods

Grandmaster Chad / Carlos

Delta Nu / Store Girl / Kiki the Colorist

Brooke / Jet Blue Pilot

Kate / Dance Captain

Delta Nu / Leilani

Bruiser Woods


Nicos / Dana / Ensemble


Board Member Lowell / Elle's Dad / Dewey


Elle's Mom / Brooke Understudy / Saleswoman / Whitney

Warner Huntington lll

Delta Nu / H&H Salesgirl

Delta Nu / Cat Lady



Padamadan / Ensemble

Harvard Student / Ensemble

"This is my second musical I've seen from Align Entertainment and they have surpassed my expectations of what a good musical is. I've been to numerous musicals; and Align never disappoints. I enjoyed Legally Blonde this afternoon, the cast was spectacular. Pure talent. Kept me on my toes with god laughter. Tickets for the Annie Musical for next year already purchased.

Thank you, Align Entertainment for the outstanding performances."

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Joanne R

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